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Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a digital payment system
  • Most widely accepted cryptocurrency in the world.
  • Slow transaction time.
  • Not segwit-ready.
  • Coinbase, Gemini, Cex, Bitfinex, Kraken134 BillionCurrency
    Ethereum (ETH)
    Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.
  • Programmable money.
  • Smart contracts.
  • Huge community - Ethereum Enterprise Alliance consists of companies like Microsoft, Intel, and more.
  • Higher inflation than bitcoin.
  • More transactions per second than bitcoin but less than NEM.
  • Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Poloniex, Bittrex34.4 BillionCurrency
    Ripple (XRP)
    Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), currency exchange and remittance network operated by Ripple.
  • Open payment network with real-time gross settlement system.
  • Math-based currency.
  • Free from DoS attacks.
  • Its settlement infrastructure is used by the banks.
  • Founders of Ripple control over 99% of XRP.
  • Bittrex, Poloniex9.15 BillionPlatform
    Litecoin logo
    Litecoin (LTC)
    Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world.
  • Faster transaction time than bitcoin.
  • Also can handle more transactions than bitcoin.
  • Segwit-ready.
  • Lightening network allows off-chain transactions without clogging its blockchain.
  • Weak marketing.
  • Coinbase3.78 Billioncurrency
    Dash (DASH)
    Dash (formerly known as Darkcoin and XCoin) is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that offers instant transactions (InstantSend), private transactions (PrivateSend) and token fungibility.
  • Instantaneous transaction time about 1.2 seconds.
  • Private transaction possible with privatesend.
  • Low transaction fee.
  • Decentralized governance is immature - few masternode owners make the decision.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex3.68 BillionPayment Network
    Monero (XMR)
    Monero (XMR) is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that is not based on Bitcoin's code. Monero aims to be a fungible and untraceable digital medium of exchange.
  • Unttraceable payments & Unlinkable transactions.
  • Wide adoption - second most used cryptocurrency in the dark web.
  • Cryptonote-based.
  • Untraceability makes it challenging to go mainstream.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex2.11 BillionCurrency
    NEM (XEM)
    NEM has a stated goal of a wide distribution model and has introduced new features to blockchain technology such as its proof-of-importance (POI) algorithm, multisignature accounts, encrypted messaging, and an Eigentrust++ reputation system.
  • P2P platform that provides payment, messaging and more.
  • Can send payments and messages securely globally.
  • Incredibly scalable - 3000 transactions/sec/.
  • Low transaction fee - 0.01% fee.
  • No private transactions.
  • No mining available.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex1.86 BillionPayment Network
    Ethereum Classic (ETC)
    Ethereum Classic is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.
  • Continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain - the classic version preserving untampered history.
  • Cryptonote-based.
  • Toxic community of developers who are against Ethereum.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex1.74 BillionCurrency
    Eos logo
    EOS (EOS)
    EOS.IO is software that introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable vertical and horizontal scaling of decentralized applications (the “EOS.IO Software”). The software provides accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and/or clusters.
  • Allows developers to develop on the blockchain without the hassle of dealing with account recovery, permissions, etc.
  • Much more scalable - millions of transactions/sec.
  • No need to spend tokens to rent the computing power on EOS.
  • Experienced founder behind the team who contributed to Bitshares and Steem.
  • No mining available.
  • Founder is known for ditching projects.
  • DPoS can result in centralization
  • Kraken954 MillionPlatform
    Zcash (ZEC)
    Zcash is the first open, permissionless cryptocurrency that can fully protect the privacy of transactions using zero-knowledge cryptography.
  • Unttraceable payments & Unlinkable transactions.
  • 20% of block reward goes to the developers.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex776 MillionCurrency
    Stellar Lumens (XLM)
    Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people.
  • Instant payment (2-5 seconds).
  • Customizable payment infrastructure.
  • No mining available.
  • 95% of Lumens were given out.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex665 MillionPayment Network
    Bitconnect (BCC)
    BitConnect is an open source all in one bitcoin and crypto community platform designed to provide multiple investment opportunities with cryptocurrency education where it is entirely possible to find the independence we all desire, in a community of like-minded, freedom loving individuals who, like you, are seeking the possibility of income stability in a very unstable world.
  • Allows crypto investors to lend bitconnect coin and make passive income.
  • Has a chance of being a massive Ponzi Scheme - volatility bot that trades on your behalf never loses money, which is nearly impossible.
  • No whitepaper.
  • Livecoin627 MillionPlatform
    Waves 1
    Waves (WAVES)
    Crypto-platform for asset/custom token issuance, transfer and trading on blockchain
  • Allows for trading on its decentralized exchange.
  • Straightforward custom token creation process.
  • Fast transactions and future-proof scaling.
  • Friendly community.
  • Many fake coins created as a result of easy creation process.
  • Bittrex509 MillionPlatform
    Bitshares (BTS)
    BitShares is a distributed multi-user database with update permissions managed by a defined set of rules and public key cryptography.
  • Allows for trading on its decentralized exchange.
  • Extremely fast transaction time - handles tens of thousands/sec.
  • Allows for creation of smartcoins and user-issued assets akin to Waves' custom tokens.
  • Declining developer interest.
  • Main developer left for Steem.
  • Poloniex372 MillionPlatform
    Stratis logo
    Stratis (STRAT)
    Stratis offers full service capabilities for the development, deployment and management of blockchain applications and solutions utilizing C# on the .Net framework.
  • Block chain as a service. (Private & public blockchains for corps)
  • Segwit-ready.
  • Master nodes provide extra services like making the network transactions more private, enabling instant transactions, etc.
  • No enterprise customers yet.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex334 MillionPlatform
    Bytecoin logo
    Bytecoin (BCN)
    Bytecoin allows safe and secure transactions around the globe and offers the convenience of instant fee-free money transactions.
  • Free instant international payments.
  • Unntraceable payment.
  • Cryptonote-based.
  • 80%+ were premined prior to public release.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex231 MillionPayment Network
    Augur logo
    Augur (REP)
    Augur is a fully open-source and decentralized prediction market platform built on Ethereum, a blockchain technology that allows for the execution of smart contracts.
  • It allows you to forecast events and be rewarded for predicting the outcome correctly.
  • Not much activity in the prediction market.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex227 MillionPrediction Market
    Steem (STEEM)
    Steem is a blockchain-based social media platform where anyone can earn rewards.
  • Content creators on get rewarded when their posts get upvoted.
  • Vulnerable to voting manipulation via sybil attack.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex220 MillionCurrency
    Golem (GNT)
    Golem is a global, open sourced, decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access. It's made up of the combined power of user's machines, from personal laptops to entire datacenters.
  • It rewards you for renting out computing power.
  • No Mining available.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex178 MillionComputing Power Network
    Dogecoin (DOGE)
    Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency featuring a likeness of the Shiba Inu dog from the 'Doge' Internet meme as its logo.
  • Easy to send payments online.
  • Coin is not taken seriously.
  • No unique technical feature.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex154 MillionCurrency
    Siacon logo
    Siacoin (SC)
    Sia is a decentralized network of datacenters that, taken together, comprise the world's fastest, cheapest, and most secure cloud storage platform.
  • You get rewarded for renting out your computer storage.
  • Files are split across the network & encrypted so no need to worry about privacy.
  • Low adoption due to people feeling uncomfortable renting out storage for storing illegal content.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex133 MillionStorage Network
    Gnosis logo
    Gnosis (GNO)
    Based on Ethereum — The next generation blockchain network. Speculate on anything with an easy-to-use prediction market.
  • Can create a customised prediction market app.
  • No known Gnosis-powered apps.
  • Poloniex, Bittrex76.1 MillionPrediction Market